Frequently Asked Questions

How is the Holiday Sharing Tree funded?

The Holiday Sharing Tree project is funded primarily by individual and corporate/organizational donations. Special fundraising/grant opportunities arise occasionally, but primary source of funding is through private local donations. 

What do the donations go towards?
The majority of donations are used for Giving Cards not picked up or for Giving Cards picked up and for some reason not returned. Donations insure everyone registered receives a gift. A very small portion of the donations are used for supplies needed to complete the project. 

Who does the project serve?
The Holiday Sharing Tree recipients include individuals and families with limited financial resources, developmental and physical disabilities, the elderly, and other disadvantaged persons in Blue Earth and Nicollet counties of Minnesota.

How can I become a recipient and receive a gift?
The Salvation Army in Blue Earth County and Nicollet County Social Services in Nicollet County serve as Clearing Houses for the project. They identify and register recipients based upon need. Potential recipients contact those Clearing Houses. The time line to become a recipient is October 1 - November 4. In addition, the Holiday Sharing Tree provides holiday gifts to residents of Horizon Homes, Partners for Affordable Housing, and The REACH Youth Drop-In Center. 

What happens to the cards not picked up?
The project relies on donations to fill the needs of giving cards not picked up to insure all recipients receive a gift.

What happens to Giving Cards picked up but not returned?
We rely on last minute donations to fill those needs.  If a giving card is picked up and is not able to be fulfilled, we ask that the card be returned to any Holiday Sharing Tree pick-up location or contact the Holiday Sharing Tree hotline at


What do I do if I forgot to drop off my gift by the deadline or if I still have a Giving Card?
It is important that gifts be returned to any of the Holiday Sharing Tree sites by Saturday, December 16th by 5:00 PM to insure gifts will be distributed to the recipients. If you still have a gift or unfilled gift card after the deadline day, bring it to The Madison East Center, center court by Noon on Sunday, December 17th or please contact the Holiday Sharing Tree hot line at 507-386-4972.  

No gifts can be accepted after the distribution date.